We at Pocket-lint are a fair bunch. And so, when it comes to deciding which apps to feature in App of The Day, we like to make sure that we're giving everyone a shot.

And, seeing as how we gave EA Sport's FIFA 11 iPhone version the once over, we thought it was only fair that we gave some credence to Konami's iPhone football sim, PES 2011 as well.

PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer



Let's not beat around the bush - when it came to this year's big console battle between PES and FIFA, Konami's effort took quite a spanking. FIFA's sales are streets ahead and the reviews all seem to award the contest in EA's favour.

But can the story be different when it comes to the iOS match up? Can Konami regain some pride?

app of the day pes 2011 pro evolution soccer iphone  image 2

Unfortunately not, as PES 2011 on the iPhone is a clunky, slow and poor affair that has taken the series backwards since last year's effort.

Let's start with the worse aspect of the game - the crazy AI. The computer controlled players really are bonkers, and whilst this is funny to begin with, it soon gets very annoying. Defenders will run away from the ball, players will boot the ball into the stand when under no pressure and goalkeepers will even run straight past the ball without picking it up or kicking it.

The standard two button control is on board (which you'll also find on FIFA 11 as well as Gameloft's Real Football 11), but there's also a tilt and touch control. However, these feel a bit like novelty additions - they don't really seem to do much and you'll have to rely on mastering the double-tap and the flick-tap if you're going to pull of any skills or special moves.

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There are some good points to the game. Visually, it looks very nice - definitely much nicer than FIFA 11 - and Konami has added some new features including a multiplayer mode so you can play with your friends over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There's also UEFA Club competitions such as the Champions League and the Europa League.

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But, these are just icing on what is essentially a crap-flavoured cake.

So, not a great success for PES 2011, and your possibly wondering why we included it within App of The Day when there are so many good apps out there.

But, there are a lot of Pro Evo fans that read the site, that would have been waiting for our thoughts on the iOS effort. And now they know not to bother splashing out £4.99.

So, not so much App of The Day today, more like App to Avoid of The Day.