Retro toys and games are making a bit of a come back recently. There's R-Type coming to the iPhone, a new version of Big Trak, the programmable buggy, and even Weebles are still wobbling (but they won't fall down). However, some toys, as much as we love them on Pocket-lint, are just not practical.

Scalextric is definitely one of those. We can remember hours, if not days, of preparation was required before we could have a decent race. The track needed to be built, the filaments at the bottom of the cars needed cleaning, and the metal strips needed a good steel wiring. Sometimes, like with Subbuteo, just too much dedication was required.

Here, though, is an app for the iPad that takes the fuss out of the process, and leaves you with the gameplay...

HTR HD High Tech Racing

£1.19 (currently 60 per cent off)

HTR HD is, basically, slot car racing without the hassle. It offers numerous track layouts, structured, progressive gameplay, and different cars to whiz around. The game even offers the ability to create your own track layouts and race them. In short, it brings back so many memories of kneeling in the living room and racing toy cars that it'll even make you knees throb.

app of the day htr hd high tech racing ipad  image 2

There's not a lot to the gameplay. Just slide your finger up the screen to accelerate. That's it. But, as anybody that remembers the real thing will know, the skill is not in how fast you can go, but also how well you can keep on the track while you're doing it.

Indeed, the thing that HTR HD gets right more than any other is the cornering on the game. Many's a time we've lost the head of our Tyrell driver because he's zipped off of the track and into the wall. The key is to slow down and, in the real world, pump the trigger on the controller. The feel here is similar, except with finger sliding instead.

app of the day htr hd high tech racing ipad  image 3

Admittedly, the game plays a bit more like TCR (Total Control Racing) than Scalextric, with four small cars on the track and jumps, but it's challenging nonetheless.

You can even download a Lite version for free if you want to give it a go before you buy.