Great games on the iPhone seem to be cropping up all over the place at the moment, and we're not complaining - especially when the quality is of the standard of this recent effort from 1937 Game design. So for Pocket-lint's App Of The Day, we bring you Dark Nebula.

Dark Nebula

iPhone, iPad

From the very first moment you start playing this you can tell it's a quality title: graphics, sound and playability are all top notch.

And like some of the best gaming titles the key is in its simplicity, as you move your round orb-type thing through a variety of different futuristic mazes and attempt to avoid any traps. Traps, as it happens, aren't the only thing you need to think about as there are all sorts of other environmental factors to keep you entertained and occupied.

Controls are through the iPhone's accelerometer, whilst all the movements are very smooth and there's never any moments when you feel the game has cheated you.

There's a calibration option allowing you to play at different angles, especially handy if you enjoy gaming whilst chilling on the sofa, and you can post all you scores to any Facebook friends you've managed to collect.

Dark Nebular is free, and the developers reckon it'll take you around an hour to complete, however there is a second episode if you're really keen, which will involve you parting with cash.