There are a lot of games that are only good for a day on your smartphone but, despite the stupid name, this isn't one of them. Fortunately for the folks at home, today's app of the day is available on both iPhone and Android. The only issue is that you'll have to pay for it on the former, while putting up with ads on the latter. The option is yours - or not, as the case actually is.

Super KO Boxing 2 

Android Market & iTunes

Super KO Boxing 2 is very much from the Mike Tyson Punchout school of boxing games with a good dollop of Street Fighter thrown in for good measure. You are the KO Kid and end up spending 99 per cent of the game with your back to the camera throwing right and left leads and jabs to the face or stomach of your caricature enemy, depending on which touch screen button you hit with your right thumb.

Your other thumb is all about the movement - float like butterfly, sting like a roaming data bill, and all that - and if you combine the two controls with the right timing, you'll also discover you can pull out some hook shots as well - vital for taking down more stubborn opponents.

app of the day super ko boxing 2 image 2

Thankfully it doesn't end there. You can charge up some super KO punches, save three up for an ultra KO punch and even uncover a lightning KO combo as well if you're lucky. The opponents are a set of excellent comedy stereotypes with a touch of casual xenophobia thrown in, but all are well worth a tussle.

There's both career mode and vs mode as well as the all important challenge levels to unlock. It's produced by Glu, so is typically slick and runs well on the Apple gadgets as well as any Android 1.6 shipped devices and above.

Download, play and enjoy for longer than most gaming apps you'll find.