Exspect has launched a new "Drop ‘N’ Charge" range of chargers that claims to make it even easier to keep Nintendo Wii controllers, Wii Fit board, and Xbox 360 controllers fully charged.

Exspect says users need simply replace the standard batteries in their controller/board with an Exspect compatible battery pack and then place it on the charge pad, they will then get juiced up using RF waves.

3 to 4 hours charge will give you enough playing time of 10 hours for the Wii controller, 16 hours for the Wii Fit and 8 hours for the Xbox 360 controller.

Available now, the Drop ‘N’ Charge kits for Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 are £29.99 each from Tesco Direct and other retailers, while additional battery packs for Wii controllers, Wii Fit board and Xbox 360 controllers can be purchased separately for £9.99.