The summer system update for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console has hit the company's servers. It's a mandatory update, which means that you'll have to apply it next time you turn on your console and connect to the internet.

As previously reported, the update adds extended Avatar functionality - allowing you to buy premium items like game tshirts, along with "props" to carry around. It also enables the "Games on Demand" feature, which brings downloadable games to the console - a popular feature of PC gaming which is slowly making its way to consoles.

Netflix streaming has apparently been improved, but if you're anxiously awaiting that feature for your Wii or PS3, you'll be waiting for some time. It's been confirmed that Microsoft now has an exclusive deal with Netflix to provide movie watching on the console.

Twitter, and Facebook integration, as well as the Zune video marketplace, are due to roll out later in the year.