Popcap's excellent "Plants vs Zombies" tower-defence game, which scored a whopping 9/10 when Pocket-lint reviewed it, appears to be shambling slowly towards other platforms, moaning "braaaaains".

The company's senior director of public relations, Garth Chouteau, has said that it'll be heading towards Xbox Live Arcade, as well as undisclosed further formats:

"Peggle for XBLA is a good example of a game that we took that was popular on the PC and we spent probably twice as long as anyone else would have figuring how to make that game really good for Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade, and I think you will see that with Plants Vs. Zombies".

"I don't know the exact order in which that game will make its way onto other platforms, but it's certainly been successful enough, quickly enough, that we're looking at other platforms and deciding where we'll take that game next..."

Given the hit that Peggle has proved everywhere that it's been released, it seems likely that PvZ will repeat the success. We'll let you know more about where the zombie game will be arriving when we get it.