Xbox has added a new studio partner to its LIVE movie download service with the news that Warner Bros-owned Pathe films will be available for rental.

A "variety of cutting-edge and locally UK-produced films" will see titles like "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The Duchess" on demand for UK Xbox owners.

Pathe joins Paramount, MGM Studios and Universal Studios in providing high definition film content to the service.

"We're incredibly excited to be offering our Xbox LIVE consumers a number of fantastic Pathe titles ranging from critically-acclaimed indie hits to Oscar-winning smashes", said an Xbox exec.

"Xbox 360 is the ultimate entertainment console in your living room, and by adding the films from another powerhouse film studio to our Xbox LIVE Video Store offering, we have the largest catalogue of High Definition, on-demand entertainment available on any platform".

New releases in standard definition cost 360 MS Points (£3) while high-def new releases are charged at 540 MS Points, which works out as £4.50.