A new Xbox controller and a new stylus for the Nintendo DS family have been unveiled at the Game Developers Conference in the States.

From Performance Designed Products the Xbox accessory is the "Gametrak Freedom", an ultrasonic 3D motion sensing technology made up of a base unit, hooked up to the Xbox via USB, and a handheld controller.

Unlike other motion sensing gaming systems, PDP says the Gametrak Freedom does not rely on the gamer pointing a controller at the screen, but tracks the true 3D position and precise movements of up to four players anywhere within a given environment.

The new SmartStylus devices for the Nintendo DS feature vibration feedback and can include other features such as LEDs, sound and motion feedback so the stylus can be moved away from the screen and will still register with the device.

Both products are due to launch in the autumn of 2009. The SmartStyus is awaiting Nintendo approval while the Gametrak Freedom has already gotten the Microsoft okay and will launch bundled with a game called "Squeeballs" to showcase the motion control.