Rockers waiting to get their hands on Guitar Hero Metallica can get a sneak peek today, as a four song demo has been released on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Available for free download from today, the demo includes two Metallica favourites "Sad But True" and "Seek and Destroy", as well as "No Excuses" from Alice in Chains and "Stone Cold Crazy" from Queen.

The demo will be set in The Forum venue, showing off the new in-the-round stage designs and custom camera angles. The songs will be playable in single-player and band Quickplay, head-to-head, Face-Off, Pro Face-Off and Battle gameplay modes.

The full game is set for release on 29 May, and will include 45 Metallica hits, as well as favourites from 21 other rock artists hand picked by Metallica themselves, including System of a Down and the Foo Fighters.

Head over to the Marketplace now to give it a go - there's been no word as yet for anything similar for the PS3 or Wii, so it seems owners of these will just have to wait until May.