Microsoft has announced that Sam and Max, everyone's favourite dog and rabbit comedy duo, are headed for Xbox Live with their first two "seasons" of games.

Often referred to as gaming's first "sitcom", Sam and Max first won gamers' hearts under LucasArts when point-and-click adventure games were at the height of popularity in the 90s.

However, after a move to Telltale Games in 2005 the game was revamped into "seasons" made up of six episodes each, with a main theme running throughout.

With this being the duo's debut on Xbox 360, Telltale Games has decided to give the seasons new names.

Season one, which sees Sam and Max follow their "hypnotic nemesis" to the moon and back, has been dubbed Sam & Max Save the World, while season two, which involves a series of time paradoxes at the hands of unconventional aliens, has been renamed Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space.

We've been given no idea of when we can expect to see these games on Xbox Live, other than in the "coming months", but we do know you'll get a whole season's worth of episodes in one point-and-click bundle.

Any PC and Wii gamers out there that have already enjoyed season one - Telltale Games has also announced that season two is on its way for you within a similar timescale.

We'll get you more details when we have them.