Microsoft is releasing a new video series based around video game favourite, Halo Wars.

Just one part of the popular Halo franchise, Halo Wars slots into the series around 20 years before the events in Halo: Combat Evolved, and sees players attempting to save the universe from destruction by the Covenant.

The video series "Halo Wars: Universe Expanded" will examine this story, which spans across four game titles, with insight from its creators, critics and biggest fans.

Told in three parts (or "Acts"), the series aims to highlight why Halo Wars was such an important chapter in the Halo franchise.

Act 1 is available to download now, and draws deeply on the story and art elements that make up Halo, and how these were presented both in Halo Wars, and previous titles featuring Master Chief.

The remaining two acts will follow the week beginning 2 March.

Head over to Halo's Xbox page for Act 1, and remember to check back for the rest next week.