Microsoft has announced that its singalong game Lips is set to release its first downloadable song pack next month.

Available worldwide from 13 March, the song pack is set to feature three Coldplay songs, including "The Scientist", "Speed" and "In My Place".

However, if Coldplay isn't quite your thing, Microsoft has also announced nine individual tracks that will be released to Xbox Live Marketplace and the “Lips” Get Music Store between now and 6 March.

Already released on 20 February were tracks "How To Save a Life" by The Fray, "Speed Up" by Funkerman, and "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against.

Coming up over the next 2 weeks, with new releases on the 27 February and 6 March, you can expect six more tracks including "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus, "The Adventure" by Angels and "Airwaves" and "Hook Me Up" by Veronica.

Unlike the Coldplay songpack, all these songs will be available to buy separately.

Microsoft has also confirmed there will be a title update in early March to provide better scoring and better vibrato detection, as well as initiating global leaderboards so you can size up your performance with other Lips players around the world.

For full information on tracks or on Lips itself, head over to the Lips webpage.