Epic has launched a new, rather sizeable patch for Gears of War 2 that addresses a number of multiplayer issues reported by gamers.

This means a number of exploits will no longer be possible, such as players turning themselves invisible or knocking themselves out under the stairs on the River map.

The update also makes some general bug fixes, improvements and balancing tweaks, as well as adding a few new features and seven new map pack-related Achievements as well.

Four of these Achievements will require the Flashback map pack that came free with the game for them to be unlocked, while the other three will related to the Combustible map pack. There will be a total of 175 gamerpoints up for grabs over the seven Achievements.

Epic has promised on the forum that it will continue to test and monitor the game online to note any changes that need making in the future.

This is the second major patch for Gears 2, following the last one in November.

For full details on all the changes made, head over to the official Gears of War forum.