Eidos Interactive is set to launch an interactive jigsaw puzzle game on to Xbox Live Arcade, aptly named Puzzle Arcade.

The game features a whole range of virtual puzzles, but that make full use of the Xbox Live service and the Live Vision camera.

Build your puzzle with head-to-head and co-op play, both over Xbox Live and on console. There are a variety of game modes and difficulty levels, lots of achievements to unlock and also fractal puzzles - which when completed, reveal the finished image’s place within a much bigger picture.

Using the Live Vision camera you can take your own pictures, make them into puzzles and share them online. However, if you don't own the camera, there are a wide range of puzzle images to get your teeth into, as well as downloadable puzzle packs.

Paul O’Sullivan, business development manager for Puzzle Arcade said: "It’s perfectly suited to the platform because you can personalise it by snapping a quick picture using the Live Vision camera and then challenge friends to complete and uncover your picture".

"Social gameplay appeals to Xbox Live Arcade users and Puzzle Arcade offers a truly inclusive multiplayer experience to subscribers".

The game is available online from tomorrow, 24 December, but there is also the opportunity for a free online trial as well to see if it's your cup of tea.