Microsoft has announced the release of the Combustible Map Pack for Gears of War 2, which features three new maps for you to get your teeth into.

Footage from the expansion pack was debuted on 14 December at the Spike TV Video Game awards, where the game took home the Best Shooter and Best Xbox 360 Game awards. However, it is available for all gamers to get their hands on from today.

The three new multiplayer maps included in the expansion are Flood, Gold Rush and Fuel Station.

Flood is a very tight map that is made smaller as environmental hazard Imulsion begins creeping up around the edges. This will cause the playing field to close in, forcing the firefight to the centre of the map. Microsoft suggest that teams skilled at "flanking their opponents" will have an advantage.

Gold Rush on the other hand, takes place in an old Imulsion refinery that now serves as a hotly contested battleground. Players must survive heavy crossfire as they infiltrate the factory and navigate multiple tiers. You'll have the chance to make a dash for the Longshot rifle, or be braver and go for the Mortar.

Microsoft suggest that this heavy weapon can be "devastating" on this map, and advises players to keep smoke grenades armed as they'll be pretty handy in sticky situations.

Finally, Fuel Station is situated in a desolate area marked by an abandoned fossil fuel station. Microsoft says the team that secures and controls the station is likely to be the side that wins the match, tipping that the rooftop is an especially strategic position on the map to "unleash hell" on your enemies.

All of the multiplayer maps in the Combustible Map Pack are playable in the highly popular, five player co-op Horde mode.

The new expansion pack is available now for 800 Microsoft Points.