It seems that despite all the exciting things we have to look forward to with the New Xbox Experience, there may well have been a lot more if Microsoft had had its way.

The company has admitted it had to cut half of its original plans for the update during its development process.

"There's still a lot of stuff we want to do. Half the things we wanted to do in NXE we cut out of the service", said Microsoft’s Jerry Johnson.

"One of the nice things we did was this architectural change to make things more published and driven from the service. All of a sudden we opened up the platform to say 'I don't have to wait until once or twice a year to release something onto the dashboard'.

"There's a Photo Party app that will be part of the platform. The way it will be distributed is all of a sudden you'll see a slot on the dashboard and if you don't have it you click on it and it's going to download from the service onto your application part of the dashboard. Those are the type of things we're going to start doing."

NXE is all set for download on November 19th, but you already knew that.