Halo developer Bungie has posted a rather ambiguous message on its website, which in general Bungie tradition, is usually a cryptic clue to the unveiling of a new game.

The headline in the news section reads "Keep it Clean" with a subtitle of "Services Will Resume". Inside, there is a transcript between Superintendent, an "Urban Infrastructure A.I." and Comm.Duty.Officer, dubbed "Prowler 'Tokyo Rules'".

The conversation appears to be some sort of distress call, with Superintendent stating there is a "Metropolitan Emergency", and Comm.Duty.Officer saying they are sending a team.

Interestingly though, UNSC, one of the governing bodies from the Halo universe, is also mentioned in the message meaning a Halo title can't be completely ruled out just yet.

We'll be keeping a close eye on the Bungie site for any updates, but let us know what you make of it the message.