Retail schedules in US suggest that the Rock Band 2/Xbox 360 "exclusivity deal" may not be quite as big a deal as first though.

In fact, it seems EA's upcoming music game may be blocked from the PS3 for just four weeks.

Microsoft did seem shy to brag about the deal when it was unveiled at E3 last month, and perhaps this was the reason why.

A number of North American retailers, such as EB, GamesStop, Best Buy and Amazon have listed the game for PS3 release as November 23rd – with the Xbox 360 version listed as due for release on October 19th.

Now, retailer listings are by no means gospel, so these dates may not be set in stone. It's also interesting to note that the listed PS3 date is a Sunday unlike the usual release date of Tuesday in North America. However, the number of rather reputable outlets listing these dates would suggest there's at least something behind them.

Of course, the UK is still waiting to see the PS3 version of the original Rock Band so its very unlikely the situation in North America will have any bearing on what we see back home.