Microsoft is adding two new titles to Xbox Live this Wednesday.

The first is "Go! Go! Break Steady", a rhythm and puzzle game developed by Little Boy Games Inc from Canada that sees you as a cartoon breakdancer. Pull out your best moves by pressing buttons in time with the beat, which get harder as you go on. There are around 20 different songs from different genres for you to master, and you can choose to get funky on your own, with your mates via local co-op or online with the multiplayer option.

Alternatively, you can try your hand at "1942: Joint Strike", a top-down vertical shooter from Capcom that is based on the popular 80s arcade series. Now updated with 3D HD graphics and some good music, there are also new weapons, attacks and power-ups for players to get to grips with.

Both games will set you back 800 Microsoft points, which is about £6.80 in the real world.