Popular game franchise, Gears of War, will be turned into three novels after Epic Games hired British author Karen Traviss to pen them.

She'll write three books - the first is subtitled The Battle of Aspho Field. It'll be about events that happened before the first Gears of War game.

Apparently, Marcus' and Dom's relationship will be put under pressure as the truth about Dom's brother Carlos comes out. Well now they're just teasing us.

"After finishing the first Gears of War game, players were left wanting to know more about Delta Squad and the events leading up to Emergence Day," said Epic boss Michael Capps.

"This trilogy of novels opens up whole new worlds of storytelling opportunities, and will add even more context to the upcoming comic book series, game sequel and motion picture."

Karen Traviss has written some Star Wars books before, as well penned her own Wess'Har series of stories.

The Battle of Aspho Fields is due in the US at the end of October. No news on Europe release dates as yet, but we'll get them to you as soon as we get them.