Microsoft is bringing another two games to Xbox Live Arcade on June 25th.

The first game is Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm, based on a cartoon where seemingly cute and fluffy animals cause lots of bloody carnage.

The idea behind the game is to rescue trapped Tree Friends from locations such as a sweet factory, mineshaft and museum and guide them to safety, over ten levels.

Speaking of the game, creator Kenn Navarro said: "If you like cute, cuddly animals meeting grisly deaths then you should play something else."

"Our game is all about helping, sharing and giving with the occasional spinning saw blade accident or electro shock mishap. There's only as much blood in Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm as there is in your local butcher shop. And hopefully more comedy."

We like it already. The second game going up against it will be Ticket to Ride from Next Level Games - a train-based travelling strategy game. Its description is: "Plan your routes and connect your cities across the country to become the ultimate traveller." Sounds thrilling. You'll be able to play four-player local, or go online for upto six-player action.

Both games will cost 800 Microsoft Points (around £6.80) and promise 12 unlockable Achievements for a total of 200 gamerpoints.