Two new games have been added to Xbox Live for your downloading pleasure.

If you fancy a bit of old-fashioned retro arcade action, Aces of the Galaxy is an adrenaline-pumping shoot-em-up that sees you attempt to save the Universe from the wicked Skurgian Empire.

The aim is to annihilate enemy ships with an impressive arsenal of upgradeable weapons including high-powered missile launchers, devastating torpedoes and the relentless chain gun. Choose to fight along or join up with a friend at home or via Xbox Live.

The second game is Roogoo, an action-based puzzle game.Players line up multiple platforms on different levels to allow shaped blocks to pass through. Once enough stack up, that particular shape closes off.

As the levels go on, the job gets more complicated as enemy Meemoos begin to obstruct players' paths and butterflies attempt to steal blocks away. Players must swivel, roll and boost their way through 45 puzzle-filled levels alone or with up to four friends in cooperative party mode play.

Alternatively, if you're feeling a bit more competitive, you can pay Roohoo in two-player multiplayer mode over Xbox Live.

Both games will set you back 800 Microsoft points, and are now available on Xbox Live.