Xbox 360 and Rock Band have teamed up at a beachside event in Ibiza to launch a promotion allowing music fans in France, Germany and the UK to play the game on stage for the chance of winning a VIP trip to Ibiza.

The Xbox 360 Presents Rock Band events will be held in a number of different locations in U.K., France and Germany. Fans will have the opportunity to perform songs on Rock Band from a variety of artists including David Bowie, The Clash, Jet, Radiohead and Garbage.

Those who give good performances on Rock Band will make it to the wall of fame on Xbox Rock Band website with the winners being chosen by MTV and celebrity judges Maximo Park.

Paul Smith, front man of Maximo Park, explained what he would be looking for in the winners: "All the best rock bands have got amazing star quality and whilst they've got to play their instruments well they've also got to have the showmanship to excite a crowd.

"From outrageous outfits and haircuts to amazing postural performances we are looking for a group who give us all of this and more on top!"

If you fancy your chances at being a Rock Band star, and VIP in Ibiza, look out for a Rock Band event in your area.