Microsoft has got its hands on some figures, and it isn't afraid to boast about them.

The Xbox 360 manufacturer has released a statement that says its version of GTA IV has sold over 100,000 copies more than the same game on PS3 since its release in the UK on 29 April.

Data released by ELSPA/Chart-Track shows Xbox 360 week one sales at 514,000 copies, while Playstation 3 sales
only hit 413,000 copies - figures that Microsoft say clearly demonstrates that gamers prefer the Xbox 360 version.

Hours of extra gameplay via downloadable content that won't be available to PS3 users, is a big reason many are citing for the increased sales of the game, and no more than Microsoft itself.

Chris Lewis, vice president of interactive entertainment business, Microsoft EMEA said: "It has become clear that consumers are finding Xbox 360 the best way to experience Liberty City and we expect this trend to continue, especially with exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV episodes coming to Xbox 360 in the Autumn".

He added: "Grand Theft Auto has a new home on Xbox 360, and consumers are discovering how our platform can enhance the experience like no other".

Microsoft are also reporting a 125% increase in console sales since the game's release.