Microsoft have put new Lost Odyssey downloadable content onto Xbox Live.

It's not quite the secret underground research facility content that Japanese gamers were treated to earlier this month, but for 200 points (about £1.70) you’ll get a triple bonus pack that serves up a ring, a new dream and a memory lamp to review old dreams with. Perfect for when you've got a spot of deja-vu.

The ring is dubbed the "Killer Machine" and certainly lives upto its name, with a trio of level three enhancements that specialise against magic weapons.

The dream, Shattered Bond, can only be triggered when all playable characters have been collected. Once you've done this, pick up an antique and have it in your possession when you visit the demolished bridge in front of Castle Uhra. The dream "The Will of an Old Soldier" will start automatically.

Sounds interesting - definitely worth a couple of quid?