European sales data has shown that Xbox 360 had its strongest Christmas to date in 2008, with sales in Europe almost double those of Christmas 2007.

Eight million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in its six-year history in the region - which is over one million more units than PS3 has sold.

GfK-ChartTrack data also shows that Xbox 360 was the fastest-growing console of 2008, with sales in the fourth quarter of 2008 over double that of the same period in 2007, no doubt spurred on by attractive price drops and the launch of the New Xbox Experience.

Chris Lewis, regional vice president, Interactive Entertainment Business EMEA, said: "Christmas 2008 was a resounding success for Xbox 360. 2008 saw us grow faster than any of our competitors and we over-achieved in sales during the crucial Christmas selling period".

"With eight million consoles sold since we launched, and consistently out-selling PlayStation 3 in EMEA, we're poised to build on this success in 2009".

He added: "As we move into 2009 and an uncertain economic climate, we continue to be committed to offering the right blend of gaming and entertainment experiences at the right price".

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