Recycled rumours suggest that the launch of the much-rumoured, and subsequently much-denied, and then maybe-d, Blu-ray drive add-on for the Xbox 360 is due soon.

Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp is said to be in receipt of a contract manufacture the external Blu-ray disc drives for Xbox 360.

The report, quoting "market sources", state that Microsoft is set to announce plans for the drive that will be sold at around the $150 to $150 price point.

The report states: "It is still unclear when exactly Microsoft plans to release its external Blu-ray solution for Xbox 360".

"Hypothetically, the company may launch it slightly ahead of the holiday season in an attempt to steal an advantage from the PlayStation 3."

"But since sales of Blu-ray are still on a low level, the software giant may decide to postpone the unveiling till Consumer Electronics Show early next year in order to get the most attention of the media with new device."