A games tester who spoke to a journalist about problems with the Xbox 360 has now lost his job.

Robert Delaware went public with Venturebeat in an article that was published last week.

In it - he told journo Dean Takahashi about how he came across the problems with the Xbox 360 hardware while working for VMC, which tests games for Microsoft.

He described to Takahashi, how he had seen for himself that "Xbox Live updates embedded in retail games could turn working consoles into worthless hulks".

However, he has now lost his job for breaching his confidentiality contract - but he's not in the least bit bothered even if this leads to a face off in court against Microsoft.

Delaware quipped to Eurogamer, when asked how he was feeling: "[It's all] Rock and roll. It feels good. It was the moral thing to do".

He added to Takahashi: "I don't regret it. I'll fight it. If they want to come after me, bring it on".