Patience is a virtue - it seems all of those Xbox 360 fans who have been huffing and puffing about the price cuts for the console in the US - may finally see the costs coming down on this side of the Atlantic too.

At the beginning of this month, we had the scoop from a Microsoft insider that the Xbox 360 wasn't going to come down in price in the UK.

"Pricing is handled on a region-by-region basis. We do not have a price drop in this region to announce", was the official word.

The news meant that the Xbox 360 Arcade official price is now £48 more expensive in the UK than the US.

But, perhaps, a price cut is coming after all.

Leaked scans have appeared online from the upcoming Woolworths catalogue, which seems to show prices will come down for all three of the versions of the console.

Images shows new prices - £129.99 for the Arcade unit, £169.99 for the Premium unit and £229.99 for the Xbox 360 Elite.

But Woolworths is refusing to comment, telling "Woolworths will not comment directly on the speculation that has appeared on various gaming websites as it is commercially sensitive information".

"The Christmas 2008 Woolworths Big Red Book is not released until the first week of October and, until that date, remains a confidential document."

"There are several draft editions in existence, with prices, products and descriptions varying dependent on the draft". added the retailer.