Microsoft has announced that its Xbox 360 console will be getting a new look later this year as well as a string of new features.

The dashboard will evolve to feature the much-rumoured Avatars, as well as something more akin to Apple's Coverflow in iTunes.

The Avatars will be designed by Rare and will allow you to buy accessories and clothing to customise your Wii-like avatars.

The software update, which will be compulsory, will also feature a new offering called "Live Party" that will allow you to chat and share pictures with a group of friends.

Continuing with the community experience, Microsoft has also announced it will be launching Xbox LIVE Primetime.

Primetime according to Microsoft will be "a new generation of games and entertainment experiences that will be available this autumn for Xbox 360".

According to the hardware maker, Xbox LIVE Primetime will be a place where players will be able to play to win prizes.

To kick off the new offering Microsoft has turned to Endemol, makers of "Deal or No Deal" to launch "1 vs. 100”. The exclusive game pits one Xbox LIVE member against 100 others from around the world with a live host and great prizes.

The goal of “the One” is to eliminate all the opposition by correctly answering questions, hoping that the opponents will answer incorrectly and be eliminated from the game.

Xbox LIVE Primetime launches in the autumn in North America, France, Germany, and the U.K. and Ireland with the following interactive game: