You'll be incredibly astonished to know that since Microsoft lowered the price of the Xbox 360, sales have gone up across the UK.

According to the latest stats from UK industry monitor ChartTrack, Xbox 360 sales have risen 36% since the 10 March when Microsoft slashed the price of its console.

You can now pay as little as £159.99 for the Xbox 360 Arcade console.

"During week 11, Xbox 360 enjoyed a 36% jump from week 10, which is a nice, refreshing uplift for the console", ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch told MCV.

"That was just for the Friday and Saturday after the price cut. Microsoft will be especially pleased to see that overall, the hardware market was down – that’s every format except the PS3, which saw a very slight 6% rise."

He added that sales could continue to rise despite a general slowdown: "We need to wait two or three more weeks to see if the Xbox 360 sales surge will carry on. But I would predict that it will increase again over the Easter period".