Remember those Halo 3 Laser Pursuit games we told you about at CES? Well the good news is, that Corgi is bringing them to the UK.

Available later in the year, the Laser Pursuit guns, which is based on the Conevnant weapons will cost between £49.99 and £79.99.

The Covenant weapons perform "just like" the ones from the game with vibration, sound, light and even recoil.

These weapons also offer "realistic" game-like features - so for example when the Plasma Rifle overheats the heat exchange flanges open from the side and you have to reload it to carry on. Likewise the Plasma Pistol allows you to do a plasma burst as well as single shot mode.

Corgi also showed off a prototype of the Covenant Energy Sword at the Toy Fair in London. The Energy Sword will come in two models, a replica for you to merely show off. It will feature electronic sounds and lights. It measures an impressive 30-inches in length. There will also be a version that will work with the Laser Pursuit system. It will cost £79.99.

Why can't you get the Master chief's weapons? According to Corgi, its against the law to import anything that real looking in case you wanted to hold up a bank.

Halo gamers can grab the guns, and thanks to the infrared beam and included target (a small square box) can recreate Halo action with friends.