This week's HD DVD Blu-ray news seems to be rumour followed by fact followed by denial.

The latest rumour to be quashed is from Microsoft who claim that comments made to Reuters by Albert Penello, group marketing manager for Xbox hardware in response to a question asking if Microsoft would support a Blu-ray add-on if HD DVD fails as a next-gen format where taken out of context.

According to gaming site in the US. Microsoft has contacted them directly saying that it wanted to "clarify" a story they say was missing some much needed context.

"There was a critical element of our comments missing from the story - Microsoft currently has no plans at this time to consider Blu-ray as an option. We continue to believe that HD DVD is the best optical solution for consumers, since it's the only format today that delivers quality experiences at affordable prices", Microsoft told the site.

According to reporter Brian Crecente from pushing Microsoft further the company said:

"While the article states that Microsoft might possibly look into Blu-ray, we just want to emphasize that there are no current plans to consider Blu-ray as an option. Microsoft continues to be dedicated to the HD DVD format and we don't want the Reuters article to mislead or suggest otherwise."

We will keep you posted.