The 15th November will mark the fifth anniversary of Xbox LIVE, the online community that now boasts more than eight million members across 26 countries and nine languages.

Microsoft states that Xbox LIVE has grown from a small community of gamers in two countries, playing a handful of games online with their friends, to a "worldwide social entertainment network" with online access to gaming, music and video entertainment.

All eight million members will have the opportunity to download a free Xbox LIVE Arcade game, between 08:01am on 15th November 15 and 7:59am on 17th November to celebrate the anniversary.

In addition to this, every active Gold member who joined the service at launch will receive 500 MS Points for free.

And, as of 4th December, all Xbox LIVE members will receive a system update with a host of new features and enhancements.

Included in this update will be the launch of the "Xbox Originals", which, for the first time ever, will enable gamers to download and own full Xbox games such as Halo, Psychonauts, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge and Fable among others, directly to their Xbox 360, for 1200 MS Points per game.