Microsoft has announced this year's Xtival '07, a 4 day festival of gaming, competitions and exclusive downloads, bringing Xbox LIVE Gold membership, free to everyone for one weekend.

The invitation for all Xbox 360 owners will be available from Friday 23rd until Monday 26th November.

In addition to the chance to log on and play your friends online for free there is also a line up of events to take part in with 3 days of themed gaming activities and the chance to take on stars from the world of music and video games, with three days of themed activities, taken from the Microsoft info:

Friday 23rd November - OLD SKOOL V NEW SKOOL

As the gates open for this unique weekend, Friday is gamers' chance to play the newest versions of games everyone's talking about and show their mates how it's done. Or, show the world their genius on something they really know their way around. These games will include FIFA '08, Halo 3, Lost Planet, Gears of War along with all the latest titles from the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

There is also the chance to take part in a "Developer Jam Session" Competition taking on the brains behind Project Gotham Racing 4, the blockbuster title from Bizarre.

Saturday 24th November - HEADLINERS

On the second day, gamers will get to prove themselves as Guitar Heroes in waiting, as they are invited to take part in a unique "Game with Fame" session with a top name talent. More details to be revealed later this month.

They will also get to take on the developers of the amazing music title along with playing friends old and new alike on Viva Piñata Party Animals, Naruto, Call of Duty 4 and Rainbow 6 Vegas

Sunday 25th November - SPORTS DAY

Closing out Xtival '07, the organisers will be showcasing the best sport on the planet, inviting visitors to show off their skills on the top Xbox 360 games titles including Tiger Woods, Table Tennis, Virtua Tennis, Forza 2 Motorsport, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

Halo Art Competition

All weekend gamers will also have the chance to show their mates how good they really are and it is as easy as taking a shot at yourself using one of the unique features of Halo 3 to record the moments you're most proud of, video or still, and then share them with your mates on Xbox LIVE.

The Xtival '07 organisers are looking for the 10 best still shots taken on Xbox LIVE in each participating country, as judged by the local Halo Art Team. The lucky 10 will get a still print to hang on their wall to remind them of their proudest moment. To enter, gamers have to capture their best screenshot and save it to during game play, with the subject line as "Xtival '07 Halo Art UK", the team will then judge and get in contact with winners directly.

Mystery Gamer

All weekend there will also be Xtival '07 Mystery Gamers playing on Xbox LIVE, ready to award Microsoft Points to gamers they enjoy playing against. Gamers will only be eligible for selection if they are playing over this weekend. Organisers won't be revealing when the Mystery Gamers will be playing. Visitors will have to keep checking back and playing their favourite games to be in with a chance of becoming a lucky winner.

There will be free exclusive Xtival theme packs and gamer pics available from Xbox LIVE Marketplace, for the festival weekend only, and loads of other great stuff to take part in and explore, all for free.