Not content with bringing Halo to the PC, Microsoft has announced at E3 that it will be bringing other Xbox 360 titles to Vista.

The latest games to get a console to PC re-working are Christmas 2006 Smash hit Gears of War and Viva Pinata.

Promised before Christmas “Viva Piñata”, originally developed and released for Xbox 360, will now be available for the Windows XP and Windows Vista platforms.

While the children's game will feature nothing new, Gears of War will.

The new PC version of “Gears of War” will feature locations that are unique to the franchise and the genre. Players will encounter all the same foes from the Xbox 360 version; however, these Microsoft say, will be set against new environments and allow players to manipulate the new game modes and technology found only in the Games for Windows title.

There will also be three new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer game type, Game Editor, five new campaign chapters and DirectX 10 support, as well as a new Game Editor allowing gamers to develop an unlimited number of user-created levels through complete access to the Unreal Editor.

Using the new engine, players can now import custom artwork into the engine, create particle systems, scripted encounters, cinematics and more.

Like Halo 2 however, “Gears of War” will tap into the power of Games for Windows — LIVE to deliver online matchmaking for its Gold account members.

However Microsoft has not announced any news on a sequel for the 360 console.

We will keep you posted.