In the States, with the summer blockbuster movie season quickly approaching, fans everywhere will be happy to hear about four exciting new Xbox 360 games inspired by this summer's big-screen favourites and a limited-edition console that will have fans of "The Simpsons" moaning like the Comic Book Guy discovering a long-lost first edition.

Fox, the studio behind the much anticipated Simpson's movie, and Microsoft, will be offering fans the chance to get their hands on one of 100 limited-edition bright yellow "Simpsons" Xbox 360 Pro consoles through a series of special events and promotions to celebrate the Springfield family's big-screen debut on July 27, 2007.

The other movie tie-in games due to be released will be for Shrek the Third, the new Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End flick, where they can play as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, the new Harry Potter movie and a game for the computer-animated kid's offering "Ratatouille".