Xbox Live account users will have content blocked from other countries in order to protect Global Digital Rights Management.

Microsoft has had to act after users have set up fake foreign accounts to access downloads and data from other countries for which they have no right. In next week's update, Microsoft will be tightening territory controls especially on the Xbox Live.

This will have no effect on users with a legitimate account where details match the point of origin of player, but it will for those who have set up additional accounts. For example, a UK player who may also have set up a US account will no longer be able to access US account through that second portal.

The practice is used to access downloadable films and TV shows made available to US customers, this also happens with gamers seeking to try out Japanese or US games.

Microsoft has acted on government regulations and licensing agreements: "As a general policy we try to get global rights to content, but in some cases, it's not possible because of legal restrictions", the statement added. "In other instances, we have to get legal rights on a country-by-country basis, which unfortunately results with us having content on the service that has to be filtered based on geographical location."