Sensible World of Soccer has been listed as one of the ten most influential games of all time at this years Game Developers Conference.

The accolade comes as the company has announced a new version for the Xbox 360.

“Sensible World of Soccer is a seminal title which delivers a very pure gameplay experience”, said David Solari Vice President of Codemasters Online Gaming.

The classic top down footie title is is scheduled for launch on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade in the Summer, with a PC version to follow thereafter.

Sensible World Soccer brings with it all the classical elements of Sensible World of Soccer to the next generation of players.

Sensible World Of Soccer for Xbox Live Arcade will keep all the original touches that made it a genre influencing title, as well as introducing optional enhancements to bring its look right up-to-date whilst retaining all its rapid pick up and play-ability.

Best of all you won't have to invite your mate around to tea to play them.