Microsoft has announced that it will be adding ten new games to its Xbox Live Arcade service including gaming classics Castlevania.

Starting with the first release in February, 10 titles will begin making their way to Xbox Live Arcade, including 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures, Alien Hominid HD, Band of Bugs, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Catan, Eets: Chowdown, Worms, Root Beer Tapper, Luxor 2, and Paperboy.

According to Microsoft the popularity of Xbox Live Arcade continues to grow as downloads have surpassed 20 million games.

Several of these games also mark significant firsts for Xbox Live Arcade, including the first turn-based strategy game to be released on the service (“Worms”), the first Xbox Live Arcade board game release (“Catan”), and the first Xbox Live Arcade outdoor sports game release (“3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures”).

All these games are scheduled to become available during Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays in the coming weeks, and specific game information will be announced closer to each game’s launch date.

We will keep you posted.