At its flagship store in Birmingham, Gamestation has launched the first “Microsoft Underground X-perience” in Europe following the success of similar outlets in Japan and the US.

The space opened on 6 October, and offers gamers the chance to chill out in a purpose-designed space for gaming, complete with sofas, beanbags, and six HDTVs.

Visitors can compete in multiplayer games on the six Xbox360 consoles, as well as try out the latest Xbox and Microsoft peripherals and products, including the new OS, Vista.

“Gamestation has been chosen by Microsoft to host the only ‘Microsoft Underground X-perience’ in Europe, which confirms our position as the gamers’ choice and offers our customers more than just a retail experience. With Microsoft leading the next generation in gaming, the ‘Underground X-perience’ is definitely Europe’s gaming Mecca and the launch shows we know exactly what gamers want”, said Mike Logue, Gamestation Managing Director.