It was expected to be a given at E3, and while there is no official word from Microsoft yet, Lik-Sang, worldwide shipper of all things console related, has listed an Official Microsoft Xbox360 Component HDAV Cable for sale in its online shop.

Currently only listed for pre-order "to be notified when they come in", the listing if true, does fulfil questions raised by many gamers at E3 in Los Angeles as to how Microsoft was going to be able to deliver on its promise of Full High Definition movies from its HD DVD player via a component cable.

According to Lik Sang, the new cable will also feature component HD, and support for Dolby 5.1.

No price has yet been given.

Microsoft announced at E3 that Xbox 360 gamers will be able to get the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player. Although details are still sketchy, Microsoft has confirmed it will be available in time for Christmas and includes the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote.

We will keep you posted.