Bill Gates has declared that the Xbox 360 will have a 10 million unit head start over the PlayStation 3 by the time in launches in November.

In his surprise appearance at the Xbox 360 press conference at the E3 games convention in Los Angeles.

Gates was also keen to tell the gaming world that its next generation console would have a total of 160 games by the end of the year.

Gates went on to outline the company’s bold new vision to connect millions of Xbox 360 gamers with hundreds of millions of Microsoft Windows-based PC and mobile gamers from around the world through the Xbox Live.

Dubbed “Live Anywhere,” the initiative aims to put gamers at the centre of a ubiquitous always-on world where their digital identities, games, friends and digital entertainment are always accessible through the familiar Xbox Live interface, regardless of location or device.

The plan also clears the way for groundbreaking cross-platform gameplay scenarios, with participants using Windows-based PCs, mobile phones and Xbox 360 consoles to play together simultaneously.

“By opening the Xbox Live entertainment network to the entire universe of Windows and mobile gamers, we’re creating unparalleled gameplay opportunities that will drive incredible growth of the online community,” said Gates. “Our vision is to deliver consistent, compelling experiences that make it easy for consumers to jump in and play, from any device at any time. It’s a vision that only Microsoft can deliver.”