Aside from the fact that it weights a tonne and comes with a power pack the size of a small child, we know deep down you want to make the Xbox360 portable.

Well if you can solve the power issue the console and games importer is selling a 9.2-inch Digital LCD Monitor by Joytech for your next generation console.

Sporting a High Definition Digital 9.2-inch LCD colour screen with a 160-degree viewing the screen should allow you to ditch your television in favour of something a little more portable.

Of course getting a picture is only half the story and so gamers should be pleased to hear that the screen also comes with SRS 3D Surround Sound support delivered by two integrated twin modular stereo speakers that use a dynamic speaker box to deliver full rich sound.

Furthermore gamers can opt to listen to the console via the units two Stereo Headphone Outputs for private multiplayer gaming.

Available to UK and US gamers, the screen supports PAL50/60/ NTSC auto switching function and costs $179.95.

Now all you need is a portable power supply.