Microsoft, keen to allow people to jazz up their Xbox360 will different faceplates must be running out of steam.

Gaming peripherals company Nyko, has launched the GameFace 360, a customizable Faceplate kit for the next generation console.

Nyko’s GameFace 360 comes with six pre-printed designs, 15 blank templates and a two piece snap-together clear faceplate which houses the skins allowing bored gamers to spruce up their console with any design the can manage to draw or create.

Xbox360 fans can download Nyko’s easy-to-use GameFace software at to create personal designs they can print out on their home printer.

Creative gamers can upload pictures, photos, drawings or their own artistic masterpieces into the program, print the design, and simply clip their customized faceplate onto the Xbox360.

The kit will cost $19.99 in America.