Microsoft has confirmed that it will be announcing more details of a HD-DVD drive for the Xbox360 at this years E3 expo in Los Angeles.

In an interview with German Newspaper Spiegel Online, Microsoft regional vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Chris Lewis, confirmed that the optional drive was due for release later this year.

The man responsible for the next generation console in Europe also confirmed that even though the 360 doesn't have a HDMI interface the company will make sure "that the HD-DVD-peripheral device will meet all the requirements for consumers to enjoy high-definition DVD playback".

In an attack on Sony and its Blu-ray console, Lewis is also quoted saying: "Blu-ray right now reminds us of another technology from Sony: Betamax. A bit like VHS - we think that HD-DVD is the format that consumers, film studios and publishers will embrace."

Via Spiegel Online