Those, egerly awaiting the chance to play the next installment of Halo will have to wait until May 2006 according to games retailers Best Buy and EB Games in the US.

Over the weekend both shops have listed the game for pre-order in the US for $59.99 however neither can decide on a unified date. Best Buy is opting for the 15 May 2006 while EB Games is suggesting the later 30 May 2006 for the release.

The suggested launch date would imply that Microsoft is planning on scuppering some of Sony's wind when it comes to launch the PlayStation 3, also tipped for a Spring launch.

If that is the case, it would certainly make for an interesting show down as one of the world's most popular console games goes up against one of the world most awaited games consoles.

We Will keep you posted.

Thanks to console wars for suggesting the story.