Microsoft has confirmed is pricing structure for its next generation console silencing various rumours about the price.

The new console's price will start from £209.99 with a bundle pack costing option with over one hundred pounds worth of accessories for £279.99.

The £279.99 Xbox 360 console will be distinguished by signature metallic detailing on the console itself a 20Gb Xbox 360 Hard Drive, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, a spare Xbox 360 Faceplate, an Xbox 360 Headset, an Xbox 360 Component HD-AV Cable, Xbox Live Silver membership and for a limited time aMedia Remote.

The £209.99 option will come with the Xbox 360 Core System a standard Xbox 360 Controller, Xbox 360 Faceplate and Xbox 360 Standard AV Cable

Microsoft also confirmed the price of accessories including Faceplates priced at £14.99, Xbox 360 Controller priced at £24.99and Component HD AV Cable priced at £19.99.

A 20 GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive will set you back £69.99, a 64Mb Xbox 360 Memory Unit. £22.99 and a Xbox 360 Wireless Controller £32.99