Details on the new Xbox console are starting to surface on the internet days before the official launch on MTV by Microsoft.

The leek comes after a celebrity bash for the new console over the weekend.

Called the Xbox 360, the console will be mostly white and stand like the PS2 on one end. It will also feature a wireless controller and a remote control similar to those normally found on Media Center PCs.

The console's power button has "skins," customizable appearances that can apparently be added by the user. While other peripherals are expected to include headsets and again like Sony's PS2 a web camera.

Other details included information about a detachable 20 gigabyte hard drive, support for wireless networking, three 3.2 gigahertz central processors, surround sound and universal support for high-definition video.

It is also expected that there will be two tiers of the Xbox Live online gaming service, one free - to bring in new players and one with a subscription that would offer enhanced matchmaking and customization features.

Details such as backwards compatibility, games on offer and when we will be able to get our hands on one is still to be released.

Microsoft would not confirm any of the information circulating on the Web, saying "everything you are reading about at this point is buzz and speculation."

The pictures first appeared on the tech blog Engadget while the tech specs first apeared on game horizons